Trillium12011-300x225As the winter white fades away in the Petoskey Area, it will soon be replaced by lush green golf courses, blankets of trillium and morels popping up just waiting to be picked.

Petoskey-Stone-100-300x202Petoskey stones, Michigan’s State Stone, are pieces of fossilized coral that can be found along the Lake Michigan shoreline in many places – prominently along the water’s edge in Petoskey, but also inland, especially in places where excavating is taking place. Looking for these prehistoric fossils is a favorite pastime for many and you’ll often see guests to the region walking along, heads bowed in hopes of spotting the patterned stone.  Finding the stones is easiest when they’re wet, so don’t let a rainy day slow you down!  Not raining?  Petoskey Stone SprayTake along a spray bottle and wet them yourselves to see if the patterns appears. Hunting for Petoskey Stones – give it a try!

Mushrooms by the handfulMorel mushrooms are a delicacy that can be dried, sautéed, roasted and used in any number of recipes. Hunting for this elusive fungi is a challenge – not only because they are difficult to spot, but because there are false morels that may confuse you – and those mushrooms are a huge no-no!. We recommend you study up on morels before hunting by yourself.  Get the scoop from an expert at the 55th Annual National Morel Mushroom Festival in Boyne City taking place May 15 – 17.  On Friday, May 15th, local morel expert Tony Williams will give a lesson on morels under the tent in Veteran’s Park. Following the seminar, take park in a morel hunt where you are bussed to a location known for morels and given the opportunity to test what you just learned. If you already know what you’re looking for, why not enter the National Mushroom Hunt on Saturday? Or for those not quite keen for the hunt, buys tickets for Friday night’s Morelfest Wine & Dine or Saturday’s more casual Taste of Morels.

morel-23-224x300Still not sure?  Head to the Michigan Mushroom Market in Petoskey and take advantage of the fruits of their labor!

Shop in the Village at Bay HarborGreat deals are waiting to be bagged many of our local shops and boutiques, too. End of winter season and early season summer merchandise can often be found in the downtowns (and outlying stores) in Boyne City, Petoskey, Harbor Springs and the Village at Bay Harbor. Further deals on lodging can almost always be found in the spring in the Petoskey Area as well. Unless you’re interested in staying in a very specific place, why not do some hunting for a special deal? Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite condo, hotel or resort – and the rates are generally less than in the summer.

No license required – Happy Hunting!