Bay View Hiking Trails

The Bay View Woods consists of approximately 172 acres of varied habitats, including cedar-hemlock wetlands and mixed hardwoods.

Nearly three miles of trails meander throughout the woods, including extensive boardwalks through the wet areas.

The Bay View Woods is a natural preserve that is home to magnificent wildlife such as birds, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and even an occasional fox. It’s also a great place to identify wildflowers and bird calls.

The two main entrances are located off of Knapp. Old Indian Trail entrance is at Knapp and Richards, and Gateway Trail entrance is on Knapp, close to Cedar. Even though the gates are closed, you may walk around them and go for a hike. (No bicycles, mopeds or motorcycles allowed, and dogs must be leashed). Please stay on the trails and refrain from picking any flowers.

Bay View welcomes members and visitors alike to enjoy the woods. Maps are available when the Bay View Administration Office is open or download one.