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We love to have events for you to enjoy throughout and around the Petoskey Area. If you are planning to come to an event, please confirm details as the date gets closer.  Looking for even more fun? Check out the events section of the Petoskey Area Facebook page.


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Join Lavender Hill Farm of Boyne City for Star Stories at the Eve of Super Moon. Each year there will be one Moon that comes to Full Phase closer to the Earth than every other Full Moon, and this year, it’s the Thunder Moon in July. Come rest and relax while you lie on the Earth amidst the lavender fields. We will weave story and dream into the night sky that blankets us from above, while twilight fades to the West and the Moon peeks up over the Eastern horizon, casting its glow over Summer in Northern Michigan. The evening program will include ancient and indigenous tales with guidance around the night sky and playful, interactive engagement that is suitable for all ages. This workshop is $20 per person and all ages are welcome.

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