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We love to have events for you to enjoy throughout and around the Petoskey Area. If you are planning to come to an event, please confirm details as the date gets closer.  Looking for even more fun? Check out the events section of the Petoskey Area Facebook page.


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Join us for the ultimate Lavender Hill Farm Artisan Class Experience with the mixillation of learning and libations. If you have a love for lavender and a passion for cocktails this workshop was created for you. We’re combining the best of both worlds into one amazing evening. During this workshop, participants will start out the night with a welcome Lavender 75 cocktail and guided farm tour. The group will learn how we harvest lavender and how to distill essential oil and hydrosol. You will receive step-by-step guidance on the distillation process from start to finish. No downtime- while our still is running, you’ll switch up the night and learn the basics and background of Lavender Mojitos and a Lavender Old Fashioned before ending the evening with the creation of a Lavender Summer Fling. This workshop is $120 per person and age 21 and over. Please bring a valid photo ID with you to the class. Classes are roughly 3 hours.

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