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We love to have events for you to enjoy throughout and around the Petoskey Area. If you are planning to come to an event, please confirm details as the date gets closer.  Looking for even more fun? Check out the events section of the Petoskey Area Facebook page.


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Historian and author Ric Mixter presents “Cutter Rescues.” This engaging presentation chronicles the history of four Great Lakes Coast Guard cutters; Mackinaw, Sundew, Hollyhock and Escanaba – profiling seven of their rescues that saved over 200 lives from 1934 until 1966. The lecture also features the tragic loss of the Escanaba, which was built in Bay City, Michigan and lost after a mysterious explosion near Greenland. Rare footage and interviews from 4 survivors and 7 crew members make this a unique salute to the men and women who protect lives on our inland seas.



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