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Meet author Daphne Thompson at North Perk in Petoskey, and discover how her Award-Winning book, THE CHRISTMAS TREE WISH, can change how you see the world and bring a fresh perspective to your family holiday celebrations.

About the book:
The Christmas Tree Wish (2nd Edition, New edition)
Daphne Thompson, Brock Nicol (Illustrated by)
9781737689706, 1737689707
$18.99 USD
Juvenile Fiction / Holidays & Celebrations / Christmas & Advent
Ages 9 to 13, Grades 4 to 7

Take this journey deep into the woods with Liam, a young Balsam Fir Tree, to find that missing part of the Self, retrieve it and make yourself whole or Self-Realized. This heart-opening tale comes alive in three scenes on a Christmas Tree Farm, adaptable for screenplay animation and theatrical plays.

When Liam meets Abner, a new friendship builds as Abner tells Liam the story of The Greatest Christmas Tree, in which Liam discovers who he is and the meaning of his life’s purpose. But not before Stella the Star opens his heart to help him find peace through his true identity. Thompson captures the true essence of the Christmas spirit in this powerful and transcendent story about a young boy’s search for the truth in love. Through the power of belief and the wisdom of the heart, Liam overcomes his fears of death, dying, and loss. Beautifully written with Norman Rockwell-like illustrations to lift spirits and remind people how much they are loved.

This book can change how you see the world and bring a fresh perspective to your family holiday celebrations. Compelling for all ages and creeds, it is simple — and complex in its message of hope for new beginnings through Liam’s search for inner freedom, the discovery of self-identity, and spiritual growth. If you or someone you love is coping with the stages of grief (under any circumstance), this book is a must-read. It is multi-purposed for anyone dealing with emotions of pain, worry, loss, and the fear of dying – both in the physical and spiritual sense. When our emotional state is grief-stricken, it is hard to get past our fears. Liam’s inner transformation allows him to see things with a restored and heightened sense of security, giving him the satisfaction his heart needs to love again, with his heart open and unafraid.

About the author:
Daphne Thompson is an author and motivational speaker. After an intense inner transformation changed her life, she became driven to understand, integrate, and deepen that transformation through a wide range of spiritual studies that awakened her inner troubadour. Her works of fiction include genres in Children’s, Family, Allegory, Poetry, and Spirituality. Thompson loves spending time with family, Northern Michigan’s outdoors, traveling, and watching sunrises and sunsets.

About the illustrator:
At a very early age, Brock Nicol was captivated by the works of Norman Rockwell, whose images of free speech and Thanksgiving told stories in a single image. He is a native of Canada and the youngest of 7 children (and twin brother to Barry). He graduated from the Graphic Design/ Illustration program at Algonquin College and now resides in Ottawa, Ontario. Brock’s passion for realism and talent in art (multiple mediums-traditional or digital) keep him working as one of the top full-time freelance illustrators.

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